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To Sugar, Or Not To Sugar?!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Author: Tauseeq Magsi and Sierra Portlock


If there's one thing you should never compromise on, it's skincare! After all, this is vital for your appearance and confidence, and therefore should be given utmost importance. Naturally, you must try some hair removal methods, but it's best to keep your choices natural to minimize the risk of side effects. And this is exactly what brings us to sugaring! (1)

Let's face it. Everyone has a preference when it comes to hair removal methods. While some people prefer using hard wax, others stand by the effectiveness of sugaring paste. So what should you go for? The professionals at Peach Rose Waxing Spa specialize in all three methods: soft wax, hard wax, and sugaring. Your choice will all come down to what you prefer and your needs. So it's vital to know all about the various hair removal methods so you can do what's best for your skincare!

An Intro To Sugaring: What is it?

If you are interested in an organic way to get rid of unwanted hair from your body, sugaring is just what you need. This 100% natural paste removes hair right from its roots! And does so without any strips or cloths! So it's not really surprising that it's considered a superior hair removal method compared to other options out there.

Basically, the process involves using a sticky-caramel-like paste comprised of sugar, water, and lemon juice. So it's completely safe and natural with no chemicals that can harm your skin in any way.

You apply the paste to the unwanted hair and remove it in the direction of hair growth. That's pretty much it. Unlike soft wax, the sugar paste doesn't stick to the top layer of your healthy skin. Neither does it pull at your live skin cells. All it does is remove dead skin and the hair from its root anywhere on the body and/or face. This is primarily why it's considered particularly effective for ingrown hairs!

But is it that simple? How can it be so easy to get rid of unwanted hair with merely 3 organic ingredients? That's the magic of sugaring!

Sugaring v Waxing


A true sugar paste is made from three ingredients, sugar, water, and lemon juice, which are heated together to create the paste.

In the case of waxing, there are two forms, hard and soft wax. The wax is usually made from a blend of ingredients like resin, beeswax, oils, and other additives.

Application Process

Comfort Level


Effect On Hair & Skin Types


Although you are less likely to have a negative reaction when sugaring, aftercare instructions are the same for both sugaring and waxing. For the first 24-48 hours, it is important to keep sweat, bacteria, excessive heat, and artificial substances (fragrances and colors) away from the skin. You'll also want to wait 48 hours before exfoliating. You should receive specific aftercare instructions from your wax specialist during your session.

In between appointments, it is important to exfoliate 2-3x weekly and avoid shaving or hair removal creams for best results. You'll also want to remain consistent. It's best to return for your next appointment within 4-5 weeks!

Leave It To The Pros!

Sugaring is simple and has few risks...when done by a licensed professional with training and experience. Unfortunately, sugaring is not taught in esthetics or

cosmetology programs and cannot be mastered from a couple of online videos. Licensed estheticians and cosmetologists are required to take continued education courses to master the complex technique that is needed to properly sugar. If not careful, you can bruise the skin, burn yourself, or cause severe, unnecessary pain.

Peach Rose Waxing Spa's licensed specialists are certified in sugaring and have been trained to provide you with the best experience with minimal pain.

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