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• 3.4oz Bikini Bottom

• 4oz Hoo Haa Cleanser

• 4oz Hoo Haa Brite Lotion

• 2oz AHA/BHA Refining Masque

• FREE 1oz Arnica Recovery Gel (when available)

HQ and  Resorcinol FREE

Intimate Home Care Brightening Kit

  • Bikini Bottom

    Eliminate unsightly, embarrassing bumps and redness with natural anti-inflammatory whole plants. Formulated for sensitive skin types, these natural brighteners and Mandelic Acid prevent ingrown hairs and discoloration, as well as reduce irritation from pre/ post waxing, shaving, and daily friction.

    Hoo Haa Cleanser

    Hoo Haa Cleanser is a gentle intimate foam wash designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology with a refreshing and effective cleansing action.

    Hoo Haa Brite Lotion

    Target unwanted discoloration without the use of hydroquinone. Hoo Haa Brite Lotion helps to eliminate P.I.H. - post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This unappealing discoloration can be caused by friction, waxing, and the use of deodorants. Our dual-action Brite lotion alleviates itchy dry skin and unwanted irritation that is associated with intimate brightening. Use daily for overall body care.


    AHA/BHA Refining Masque

    The AHA / BHA Refining Masque application is an essential step to the intimate brightening protocol. The idea behind the masque process and duration was designed to intensify the Bikini Peel treatment, by inhibiting the melanin-forming enzyme tyrosinase production. After your professional clinician applies the masque, there will be a time duration recommended for the patient’s needs, usually between 2-4 hours. During this time, the masque will continue to accelerate the cell turnover and further the peeling process by “pushing” present discoloration to the surface, eventually softening the hardened epidermis caused by hyper-friction™.


    Arnica Recovery Gel

    Arnica Recovery Gel accelerates wound healing and minimizes bruises and other traumatic injuries such as sprains and swelling. Reducing inflammation and decreasing pain, this therapeutic post-procedure gel provides topical relief and hydration to irritated skin. Studies show Arnica Montana has properties that act as an immunostimulant and that it can stimulate the action of white blood cells, increasing resistance to bacterial infections.

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