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Prana Spaceuticals

Prana SpaCeuticals® is a revolutionary skin-care line that believes it is imperative to follow the laws of nature to enhance the quality of the skin through only the finest, all-natural ingredients found on Earth.


We have become even more aware of the modern-day concerns about Vaginal Wellness. Do you experience embarrassing dark or discolored intimate areas? Prana SpaCeuticals® has now become the leader in Intimate Brightening. Its natural for the vaginal, underarms, thighs, and buttocks to become discolored over time; we refer to this as hyper-friction™.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

It’s any patch of skin that looks darker than your natural skin tone because the brown pigment melanin is being over produced. Hyperpigmentation effects people of every skin tone and can be caused by medical conditions, melasma, sun damage, and inflammation from skin trauma, like eczema, acne, friction, scrapes, etc

No Matter what... Always Cruelty-Free Beauty
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